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Van Gogh Alive !

The colours and the dense brush strokes of Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings come to life in an exhibition that is a multimedia experience. More than 3000 high definition images are projected in the areas inside the church of Santo Stefano al Ponte in Florence, now deconsecrated and used for concerts and meetings. High definition graphics and surround sounds create a “full immersion” effect, totally fascinating. Van Gogh Alive is a path through Van Gogh’s painting, enriched by the showing of the drawings of his works, which allow the public to learn about the creative genesis of his paintings. All this will be combined with some passages taken from the letters addressed to his brother Theo or his friends able to provide a picture of the artist’s daily life, ideas and inner torment.

Visit the inlaid floor of the Cathedral of Siena

An extraordinary opening in the month of July besides the period that goes from August 18th to October 27th. The Cathedral of Siena retains many masterpieces of all time, but the most exceptional work is the floor (only visible from late August to late October), realized with the technique of graffiti and of marble inlay. This is ‘’the most beautiful ..., large and magnificent floor that was ever done," according to the definition of Giorgio Vasari, the result of a program that has been achieved from the 14th to the 19th century. The preparatory cartoons for the fifty-six inlays were provided by Sienese artists, except the Umbrian painter Bernardino di Betto, known as ‘’Pinturicchio’’, author, in 1505, of the marquetry with Mount of Wisdom. While in the three naves the representations are related to classical antiquity, in the transept and the choir they narrate the stories of the Jewish people.



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